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Foot Traffic

Analytics, dynamics and alerts 

Get insights and actionable data on audience dynamics 

in and around your stores and venues

Capture and manage the complete physical funnel

in, near and around your stores

physical funnel.PNG
Clothing Store

Clothing Store

Bicycle Store

Bicycle Store

Yarn Store

Yarn Store

Record Store

Record Store

Vegetable Store

Vegetable Store

Sewing Supply Store

Sewing Supply Store

Interior of Children's Clothing Store

Interior of Children's Clothing Store

Gardening Store

Gardening Store

Woman Browsing in Clothing Store

Woman Browsing in Clothing Store

Shopping in Pet Store

Shopping in Pet Store

Use Onspota Analytics to quickly adjust to the new normal. 

Your decisions are as good as your data and Onspot Analytics delivers the widest spectrum of foot traffic KPI's in the market.  

Foot traffic Analytics

Get deeper insights, measure performance and optimize processes based on complete foot traffic data.  

Analyse, traffic, audience walk-ins and visit while excluding your staff and suppliers. Understand KPI's such as engagement,  capture rates and  conversion rates, all crucial for informed decisions.

Key KPI's

Audience around

Audience near (Passes by)

Walk ins

Capture rates

Engagement metrics 

Average visit duration

Visits bounce rate

Conversion rates

Returning and new visitors

Audience Pulse Alerts

Use Foot Traffic Pulse Engine and to identify  audience trends and respond faster to abnormal dynamics in and around your stores.

Onspota employs statistical process control (SPC) and regression algorithms to compute KPI's,  standards and thresholds per each store, hour and day.  


The number of visits  until  noon

has exceeds the lower thresholds for summer  Mondays.

The load and average visit duration for last 4 hours are 35% higher than usual.  Consider long queues.

Reports & data access

Onspota offer several options for data access and visualizations including executive dashboards, tailored report and deep dive analysis. 

Integrating our data with your internal BI system is a simple task.


Enabling a glance view of key performance indicators 



Preprocessed and custom made reports which are "pushed" to users

Foot traffic analyzer

Enabling "deep dive" for business analysts and comparison analysis


Enabling simple and secured  integration with internal BI systems. 

We are helping hundreds of stores

and detecting millions of movements every day 


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