Onspota helps businesses to deploy digital marketing strategies and conversion methods in and around physical venues.

Our solution

We deliver a unique Geo contextual solution and, a game changer, Physical conversion network.
Our integrative approach saves you time, energy and money.

Real time location triggers both outdoor and indoor

Exceptionally accurate  positioning service that prompts your application, digital signage or big data server when user location and behavior meet a specific criteria. 

Contextual foot traffic 

Understand audience metrics, capture rate and visitation behaviors in and around your locations. Measure performance and optimize processes based on foot traffic data.

Physical conversion and Engagement

Create your physical conversion network to engage both your app users and the passing crowd, at your precise locations and relevant moments.


Digital content and functionality everywhere

Create a digital layer of content and functionality across your venue to improve overall customer experience, engagement and conversion.

Segments, audiences and re-targeting

Use precise location, context and behavior to segment your audience and deploy offline to online and online to offline conversion strategies.

Our knowledge and experience at your service 

Our consulting team will support your business transition from conventional 

physical locations to fully a functional digital environments t0 support your business goals.

The most accurate Geo- Behavior data solution
Onspota is built  by a team of business, marketing and eCommerce professionals with a disruptive vision for combining digital marketing and conversion methods in and around physical venues.  

Our solution integrates a proprietary Composite Location System, power optimization and machine learning algorithms to deliver the most accurate Geo- Behavior data solution out there.

What people say

We are thankful to many professionals who shared their needs and insights

to help us in build a better product.

Onspota fulfill a burning need of merging digital content and functionality with traditional physical  shopping areas.

We have not seen any other technology that succeeded to deliver so accurate  proximity triggers in real-time 

Finally a solution that can provide  clarity and insights into foot  traffic metrics and dynamics. 

It works seamlessly both indoor and outdoor which makes it ideal for brick and mortar businesses

Partner with us
And get the benefit of early adopters
Data customers

For companies who needs Geo- Behavior  data for marketing, marketing automation or advertising but may not have their own application.

SDK & App partners

For publishers and app owners who needs real-time  or periodic digest of granular location triggers  for engagement, content delivery or re-marketing


For retailers and brick&mortar players who needs advanced location analytics and  transformation of their physical spaces to  fully functional digital environments

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