Onspota helps businesses to merge digital marketing, e-commerce and analytics with physical stores & venues.​ 

 Engage, Convert & Analyse 

Foot Traffic in and around your physical locations

Choose your area of interest

Foot Traffic Analytics, Dynamics & alerts 

For stores and chains

Go beyond people counting and gain  accurate analytics and actionable data on foot traffic and visitors  IN, NEAR and AROUND your stores. 

Proximity Services for applications

For publishers and apps

Add real time micro-location signals to your app and Improve user experience, monetization, marketing and overall quality of service. 

Digital Experience for stores and venues

For retailers, venues and analyists 

Upgrade physical stores with a layer of digital content and functionality to boost store efficiency, shopping experience and  overall performance .

Let us help you

create the digital edge you need.

Onspota has pioneered a new approach for merging the physical and digital worlds, now businesses can deploy digital  strategies in physical sites with similar simplicity to web sites.​

The framework is robust and modular. It enable simple and cost effective deployment for retailers of any size and maximum audience reach of users from any category.

Just pick the parts you need to start your digital fusion. 

Brands using our services


Why Onspota?

We offer a corporate grade framework for digital-physical integration. 

There is nothing else like it.


Unparalleled detection accuracy is achieved through proprietary positioning algorithms.

Micro Location 

Machine learning patterns are used to create and update millions of points of interests (spots) are per day.


The only solution delivering real time geo-behavior triggers without  hardware


Privacy and security are handled on framework level assuring compliance for everyone involved. 

Indoor and out

Onspota solutions works in, near and around targeted  locations, both indoor and out.

Minimal risk

Pilot program , low entry costs and immediate cancellation 

enables  onboarding and offboarding  with minimal risk

End to end

All technology aspects are integrated into one holistic  framework Including, locations, detections, triggers, UX, DMP, SDK, proximity graph and more. 

Simple and fast

Very simple to use and deploy.  Get going within days. 

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